Jan 062010

Mein Blog bei Barack Obama war ein klein bisschen verwaist. Aber jetzt habe ich es wieder zum Leben erweckt. Werde immer wieder mal einen Beitrag dort posten. Dies ist der von heute:

Organizing for America | Johannes Hampel’s Blog
Not everything is perfect in Berlin. But we can work together to bring about change. What this great city needs is a new sense of togetherness. No matter whether from East or West, we must make the effort to grow together. That’s the reason why I have decided to run as a candidate for the post of Chairperson of the Board of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg’s CDU. We call it: „Die zusammenwachsende Stadt“. Remember this! But don’t try to pronounce it unless you have at least a little bit of German.

Election day: January 16, 2010

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