Feb 102011

Well, we must call a spade a spade! That’s why I like people like Hans-Christian Ströbele or Franz Schulz so dearly! You always know what they will come up with next. They are clear, crisp and outspoken in their statements. „I can’t imagine that scenario“, replied recently Schulz, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg’s mayor, when asked about any coalition of the Greens and the Christian Democrats.

So, the big question looming on the horizon seems to be now: Red-green – or green-red?

I would rather venture to say: Why not talk about schools? Why not talk about children? What is good for our children? Why not talk about better road conditions for bicycle-riding mothers and fathers? Why not talk about how we can make Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg into a better place, with more green, more growth, more peace, more love, more rule of the law, more understanding among the 1001 communities?

After all, that is what people care about. Let’s talk to people about things that matter – not about coalitions!

Counterpoint: Red-green reloaded – Viewpoint – Daily Mirror
In eher links gestrickten Kreisen der Grünen, also zum Beispiel in Kreuzberg und Friedrichshain, erhebt sich prompt Protest, personifiziert durch Hans-Christian Ströbele, notorischer Fahrradkurier in eigener Sache, und Franz Schulz, der für verwirrte Hausbesetzer so viel Sympathie zeigt, dass er vor ihnen geschützt werden muss.

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