Apr 222014

2014-04-16 07.53.26This has been yet another godsend that happened to this poor blogger! Imagine this: Just a few minutes ago, a man crossed my way in the Park at the Triangular Junction and asked me:

What do you think when you hear these two words

Alone together

It’s the title of my newest song.

I reflected for 30 seconds. The man presented himself as David. I presented myself as John. Then I gave David my answer: „Alone together? These two words perfectly encapsulate what makes us up as human beings. We are alone the moment we are born. Alone, longing for togetherness … together, longing for loneliness until we die. Togetherness and loneliness go hand in hand.“

And I went on and on for endless 90 seconds. I could have gone on for 90 minutes or 90 days. I ended up saying: „Alone together — I congratulate you on this title.“

The picture shows a view of the Park at the Triangular Junction close to the new bridge across Yorck street.

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